Many homeowners today are interested in hardwood floors for their home and have questions about the cost of hardwood flooring. This overview will give you some basic information on hardwood costs.

First, there are a number of options that will LOOK like hardwood floors, including true hardwoods, engineered hardwood floors, vinyl plank wood floors, tile wood floors, as well as laminate flooring. In this blog, we’ll stick to wood and laminate flooring. Learn more about vinyl plank flooring and wood-look tile on our website.

Engineered wood is actually hardwood, but is usually less costly than solid hardwood floors and can be installed over a concrete slab. Most hardwood-floor shoppers in our region actually purchase engineered wood today. At The Floor Store engineered wood flooring starts at about $3.00 per square foot, the same as the big-box flooring liquidators or home improvement stores. Be cautious of offers like 99 cents per square foot, which will likely be seconds, mixed lots, or very small quantities.

Most buyers choose an upgrade in engineered wood, usually between $4-6/sqft, which offers a better finish layer. Additionally, some of the finish layers on engineered woods, made of urethane, aluminum oxide, acrylic or ceramic bead, are so durable and strong, that the engineered wood floor will not have to be re-coated for many, many years.

Laminate wood floors start at about $1.50/sqft, with the most expensive ones running less than $5/sqft. If budget is a concern, The Floor Store encourages shoppers to consider a mid-level or upper-level laminate floor instead of a hardwood that is in a lower cost/square foot price point. Higher end laminates have grain, texture, and look more like real wood, and may hold up better than a low-cost actual hardwood floor.

At The Floor Store, we have hundreds of wood floor options to choose from, and experienced sales consultants to help you find the right flooring for you. Very often when shoppers come in, they say they are looking for “hardwood flooring”, but once they see the options in how to achieve the look of hardwoods, they often purchase a different product that better suits their lifestyle and budget.

Stop by The Floor Store and learn more about the cost of hardwood floors and all the options in color, texture, grain, and price.