Moving day brings with it plenty of concerns about protecting your possessions. Each detail has its importance and potential costly downside. One of the most important things to consider is what to do to protect your floors during a move. Here are just a handful of tips that may save you money and help you avoid possible grief.


 Use proper floor coverings 

 When choosing protection for your flooring, think about a covering that is not only going to hold up but also not make it difficult for the movers to move all your possessions. 


 Less traffic on your floors 

 If there is a larger crew, speak to the supervisor and let them know of any concerns you may have about the number of people tracking dirt in and out of your home. Movers will work with you as best as they can if you communicate any concerns up-front.


 Plan before the movers arrive

To limit the potential for damage to your floors, it is best to plan where you want furniture and appliances placed. It is important to do this before they begin carrying the items into your home so you can protect your floors during a move of appliances.


 After the movers leave

 Once the movers have gone, unpack and clean up as soon as possible. Dirt and debris left behind can lead to ground-in dirt in carpets and scratches on hardwood floors that may not be repairable with a refinishing product. 


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