When is it time to replace, or refinish your hardwood floors? Here are some factors to be considered. How old is the floor? Is the floor true hardwood or is it veneer? Does it have water and or pet stains? Is it dull, and lackluster, or is it deeply scratched and marred? Are there signs of cupping? Hardwood floors should be able to be refinished 6 to 10 times over their lifetime. Over this depends on how thick the hardwood floor was, to begin with. Hardwood typically starts out at 3/4 inches and there must be at least 1/8 inch left to withstand another sanding. If the floor is veneer, do not attempt sanding as it could peel off the remaining veneer and ruin the floor.

If the wood is not deeply scratched all it needs is good buffing and polishing. While hardwood floors can be refinished, and return to a nearly pristine state, do-it-yourselfers beware. First, a lot will depend on your skills, it may prove to be more than just “a little work” and could produce a finish that is nowhere near the desired outcome.

Managing a heavy-duty sander requires a strong steady hand to keep from sanding too deeply or gouging the wood. Sander must be held steady to keep sanding uniform and to avoid leaving sand marks. If that all goes well the floor must be completely clean and free of all sawdust and debris left from sanding. Then it is time for the varnish.

Varnishes that can be used very widely in price and durability. There must be adequate ventilation as the varnishes produce strong, dangerous fumes. Varnishes must be laid down slowly and evenly, if not, air bubbles will develop (often referred to as frog eyes). The air bubbles then produce a bubble that will not look good and will eventually tear open.

Hardwood floors can virtually last a lifetime with the right care. They can be refinished multiple times and restored. If you are considering refinishing your hardwood floors, contact The Floor Store for a consultation and expert advice on how to refinish your hardwood floors and whether it is time to replace them.