Ceramic tile is a popular floor covering for New Mexico homes. It’s available in thousands of options, from the size of the tile to the color, as well as the glaze. Ceramic tile is also very cost-efficient and very durable.

Ceramic tiles are made from clay, then fired in a kiln to harden the tile. After glazing, the tiles are fired a second time. Tiles may also be unglazed, which lets the natural color of the clay show. Natural looks and terracotta tiles are popular in many Southwestern homes.

Ceramic tile floors are easy to care for; glazed ceramic tiles resists stains, dirt and odor and are easily cleaned with a damp mop. Depending on the glaze, most ceramic tiles are extremely scratch resistant.

Today, many shades, finishes and shapes of ceramic tiles are made, including mosaic designs. Our flooring specialists at The Floor Store can help you customize a ceramic tile mosaic for your home’s foyer, bathroom or kitchen.

Ceramic tile is environmentally friendly as well. It’s manufactured using natural clay and does not retain bacteria or allergens. Ceramic tiles are great for use in kitchens, both as flooring or on counters. Hot pans cannot scorch or melt the surface of glazed ceramic tiles. They are naturally fire resistant and do not emit any toxic fumes.

Water resistance is another excellent benefit of ceramic tiles, and the reason so many bathrooms use ceramic tiles instead of natural stone. Moisture does not affect the ceramic tile as it can with travertine, slate, marble or granite.

At The Floor Store in Albuquerque, we love to help homeowners choose the right tile flooring for their home! Visit our tile flooring store where you can see the thousands of options in ceramic tile and compare it to porcelain and stone tile options.