Kool-Aid spills? Bad allergies? Avocado-green shag? Whatever reason finds you wanting to tear out your carpet and install wood or laminate flooring, you’re probably trying to figure out the best place to buy it. The prices from online sellers may seem a little better at first, but there are a number of things to consider about choosing a distant e-retailer over a local flooring store like The Floor Store at the Carpet Company.

You may look at the savings involved in the price-per-square-foot offered by online retailers, but shipping costs usually eat up most, if not all, of the “savings.” Plus, there is no local service should there be any problem with the flooring you receive, and some manufacturers will not warranty their product if purchased through an online retailer.It’s hard to tell exactly what your flooring will look like in person from a photo on a computer screen. When you choose a local company, you can instantly see the colors, tones, and texture. Being able to see and touch samples of your actual products at your local flooring retailer means you won’t be disappointed in the product’s appearance when it arrives in your home.

A local store can do things an online retailer on the other side of the country cannot. The Floor Store at the Carpet Company will come and measure your home or business, making sure you order enough hardwood or laminate material, but without an excessive amount of overage. And if you’re not going to install it yourself, our experienced installers will expertly install your new flooring, and we include the tear-out and disposal of your old carpet, and even take care of moving the furniture! Ordering from an online retailer would leave you to research and coordinate the different contractors you’ll need for these services, and you’ll likely find yourself well beyond the “savings” you thought you would receive by shopping for your hardwood or laminate flooring online.

With a local flooring store like The Floor Store at the Carpet Company, you’re in our caring hands from the first visit or phone call, to selection and measurement, and through furniture moving and installation to completion and follow-up. As one of our Google reviewers says, “It is this kind of service and personal attention that matters in the long run.”