There’s nothing quite like a wood floor. The sound, feel, and varying grain patterns of nature’s durable work can improve any home or office. There are many flooring options on the market today that look like wood, including laminates and vinyl tiles, but just don’t have quite the same character.

There are two different kinds of hardwood floors available. There is solid wood flooring, made from single planks, and engineered wood. Engineered wood flooring is a layer of real hardwood on top of plywood or a composite material. It’s got the real wood look and feel, but can be used in environments where solid wood cannot. For instance, basements, concrete slabs, and other locations where moisture and temperature levels may fluctuate more are better suited for engineered wood versus solid wood.

Whether you want solid wood, or engineered, both are available in many different wood species and stain colors. A variety of textures is also available for both types, including hand scraped. Lighter stains and small grain patterns provide a contemporary look, while darker finishes and larger grain patterns are characteristic of traditional, historic, formal, and rustic spaces.

There’s a real-wood option to fit just about every budget and building environment. Come in to the Floor Store in Albuquerque today and discover the beauty and durability of real hardwoodwood.