Flooring, like all other structures in a normal home, will occasionally need replacing. In general, carpet should last 10 years or longer, while other options like laminate or hardwood will last much longer. Hardwoods have an advantage over most other floors, as homeowners can refinish them to return them to a near-pristine state with a little work. When refinishing has been exhausted you should know when to replace flooring!

The time to replace floors is largely impacted by how they are treated. Even a carpet can last for decades if a room is hardly used. On the other hand, rough treatment from children or pets can wear out flooring quite quickly and lead to more frequent replacement costs. Floors can frequently go on sale around many major holidays, which can save homeowners on their costs.

If you find that you’re in need of new floors, The Floor Store has many options that can help you make the right choice whether you’re looking into carpets or hardwood options. Our local showroom has a large inventory for you to choose from, and our experienced staff is ready to provide you with great customer service as you make your choice for a floor that fits your style and budget. We have decades of experience, and we’re ready to work with you and answer any questions of when to replace flooring!