Kitchen design is always shifting, and so are the kitchen tile patterns used. There is no shortage of tile patterns with various colors and shapes to choose from when designing or upgrading your kitchen.

There are numerous flooring options for you, including hardwood flooring, porcelain tiles, and many more. At the Floor Store, we have a team of experienced staff who provide high-quality customer service and a large inventory of tiles for your home. You can visit our local showroom to view the numerous options for kitchen flooring.

1. Biophilia
This pattern encompasses natural and untreated wood tiles that create a feeling of calm in nature. Considering that most people cannot go out due to the current restrictions on movement, the biophilia pattern will make you feel connected to nature.

2. High Gloss Pattern
This glamorous pattern requires some upkeep and slip-resistant coats to avoid cases of slipping and sliding.

3. Oversized
The oversized tile features extra-large ceramic tiles that require less upkeep. There are tiles of varying sizes, including around 5 X 10 feet and less than an inch thick. You can fit this type of tiles on a countertop, tables, and other kitchen surfaces.

4. Stone Cold tile pattern
The stone-cold pattern encompasses ceramic tiles designed to look like a number of precious stones such as marble. The tiles allow for book matching across the kitchen surfaces and require little upkeep as they are nonporous.

5. Updated terrazzo
The updated terrazzo design creates a fun and energetic environment suitable for indoor and outdoor kitchens. A combination of small and large slabs and tiles, oversized flecks, and fine flecks provide a retro-inspired look.

These are just a few of the flooring patterns you can use in your kitchen. There’s no shortage of tile patterns to choose from, so be sure to get creative and use what you like best.

Stop by our local showroom at The Floor Store, and see our tile inventory for both your floors and a beautiful backsplash! Our experienced staff is here to educate you on the different products and what would be best for your design vision!