Hardwood floors are known for being visually appealing. They’re also known for being remarkably sturdy. When maintaining your hardwood floors, you need to prioritize rock-solid maintenance techniques, regardless of the time of year. Individuals who want to maintain their floors during the hottest months can rely on several effective upkeep strategies. Below are a few tips from the experts at The Floor Store.

The sun’s intense ultraviolet rays can greatly impact wood flooring. Sunlight can do a number on floors and how they look. It may be hard to believe, but it can even bring on discoloration and darkening. If you want to keep your floors looking new, you should stay mindful of when the sun is the strongest and shut your curtains or blinds during this time.

Wood tends to react to all kinds of environmental changes. Due to these changes in weather and outside temperatures, floors can often shift. If you notice changes to your wood flooring, such as cupping, we suggest seeking guidance from a professional. Our team at The Floor Store is well versed in many types of flooring.

Another contributor to change or damage in hardwood is humidity. The last thing you want is for immoderate humidity to wreak havoc on your floors. This is more prominent during monsoon season in New Mexico, especially if you have a swamp cooler. Swamp coolers rely on water in the air. If it is too much, then the cooling efficiency is less or nonexistent. When it comes to central air, it’s critical to see to it that your cooling system is operating appropriately, especially during scorching New Mexico summers, as heat can cause the wood to expand. If your air is running smoothly and efficiently, it is less likely for heat to negatively impact your floors.

It is evident that staying observant and maintaining your hardwood floors while taking small steps to prevent damage can go a long way. Reach out to the experts at The Floor Store for more details about summer floor maintenance. You can even visit our local showroom!