Hardwood Care & Maintenance

Daily Hardwood Care

Hardwood planks offer outstanding durability, and daily care steps will help them remain shining for decades. We recommend using quality indoor-outdoor mats at each entranceway to scrape footwear before entering the home. During the months that receive the most rainfall and winter months that produce constant slush, keep shoe racks by the door and encourage guests to remove footwear. Keep all pet nails trim to reduce scratching the floors and brush your pets to reduce the amount of pet dander that hits the wood surface. Sweep daily or as frequently as you can with a soft bristle broom or dust-mop to remove dirt and debris effectively!

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Treating Spills On Hardwood

Standing liquid can damage genuine hardwood floors if left untreated, so try to address spills, pet accidents, or puddles as soon as you discover them. Use paper towels to remove any solid material, starting from the outside of the spill and working in. Use a hardwood-specific cleaner to spot-treat any stains and wipe the area up with paper towels or a dry, white cloth. If your flooring manufacturer has warranted your hardwood surface for mopping, follow the guidelines strictly, use the least amount of water needed, and dry your floor with a microfiber cloth.



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Caring for Hardwood Surface

As durable as your hardwood floors are, effective dirt and debris removal will play a major part in preserving the appearance of your hardwood surface. Even tiny pieces of dirt, debris, pet nails, hair, and outdoor elements can become abrasive particles over time! In addition to frequent sweeping and dust-mopping, you can vacuum your hardwood floors as well just as long as you remove or disengage any beater bars. When you invest in genuine wood planks, you receive the capability to resand and refinish your floors over the years. Refinishing your hardwood floors will remove significant scratching, fading, cupping, cracking, or discoloration, ideal when children are older or you are listing a home on the market.