Laminate Installation

Before Laminate Installation

Your new laminate installation will be incredibly efficient.
You will need to remove all furniture, furnishings, and items on the wall, from the rooms and closets that are receiving new laminate. Since laminate floors often offer floating installation capability, your current flooring may not need to be removed at all! We can help you assess pre-installation considerations such as possible old flooring disposal, if any subfloor prep is needed, as well as trims and moldings. Your new laminate planks need to acclimate to the temperature and humidity in your rooms, outside of the packaging box, for at least 48 hours prior to installation.

Before Laminate Installation | The Floor Store
Laminate Installation | The Floor Store

During Laminate Installation

It's extremely important during laminate installation to designate an area for your installers to keep installation tools and laminate planks. You will need to be home during your laminate installation to answer questions and deal with any issues that arise. Since your laminate installers will be using saws to cut and resize planks, it’s important to keep pets and kids away from the rooms receiving new laminate and the designated installer area. The shape of your room, unique dimensions of the space, and number of installers on hand will determine the length of laminate installation time.

Finished Laminate Installation | The Floor Store

After Laminate Installation

After the laminate installation is complete, now is the time to ask your installers any questions that you may have. Check to make sure that your doors have full range of motion with the new laminate floors, especially if a floating installation raises the new flooring height. You will most likely need to shave the doors down slightly. If your new laminate was installed as a floating floor, it's ready for light foot traffic immediately! Glue-down laminate floors need at least 1-2 days to cure before receiving foot traffic. We recommend waiting at least two days before returning your furniture back into the room.