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Window Treatments in Albuquerque, NM

Even though you may know us as The Floor Store, we also provide premium, intelligent window treatments with function and stylish details to meet the needs of your home. The ideal window treatments will not only transform the natural light your rooms receive to perfection but will also enhance the look and feel of your furnishings. Explore our incredible selection of blinds, shades, and shutters and all the styles, tones, materials, and fabrics to match your décor. Along with motorized technology, advanced control systems, and energy efficiency considerations, you will find the right solutions here!

Shades | The Floor Store


Stylish window shades can provide more benefits than you may realize. For instance, the fabrics, textures, and tones can help enhance your preferred design aesthetic. Shades such as honeycomb shades are also ideal for giving your household the privacy you desire. In addition to assisting in temperature control indoors, the ideal shades will improve energy efficiency as well. Also, shades will help you adjust the amount of natural light that your rooms receive and set the perfect mood at all times. Invest in high-quality shades and you will notice the difference they make!

Blinds | The Floor Store


We love high-quality window blinds for their ability to filter light, allowing us to set the ideal conditions for preventing glares on a TV screen and making it easier to fall asleep. Window blinds also insulate the windowpanes, and many designs are created with thermal efficiency in mind. Although you may initially think that most blinds are visually similar, you will be amazed at the number of colors and finishes you can use to match your décor. From contemporary, modern, traditional, minimal, and more, we have the window blinds to fit your layout.

Shutters | The Floor Store


Interior window shutters lend an additional presence to your window treatments by offering a solid frame of vertical stiles and horizontal rails, often with levers for adjusting their position. Just like other window solutions, your shutters control the amount of sunlight that enters a room, provide privacy, security, protect against weather, and enhance the style of a room. In addition to providing familiar appeal and function, shutters are low maintenance and easy to keep clean. Available in a wide array of colors from bold to neutral, shutters will help you create a more relaxing, reassuring indoor environment.

Motorized Window Treatments | The Floor Store


When you are out of town or not home when you want to adjust your window treatments, motorized blinds or shades will allow to protect your furniture from direct sun exposure and keep your home furnishings private. This valuable function allows you to mitigate the possibility of discoloration and fading from sunlight thanks to automated programming! Some motorized window treatments even work with sun sensors and smart technology to measure heat and light, and then adjust the shade accordingly. Also, these adjustments will make it appear that residents are home even when the home is empty.