Is tile right for my room?

Not only does tile lend timeless elegance, natural luxury, and reliable durability, but you can have the look you love throughout the entire household! From moisture-prone areas like kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and basements, to relaxing spaces like bedrooms, family rooms, living rooms, and offices, you can use tile across an entire floorplan. Let's match the best tile construction, finish, and visual with the activity level and needs of each area. For the best, fashion-forward tile Albuquerque has to offer, there's no need to visit any other tile floor store: Our experts can help you select the ideal styles for the rooms you want to elevate.

Tile Inspiration | The Floor Store

Tile Styles in Albuquerque, NM

We love putting together great ideas from inspired layouts. Explore these relaxing room scenes that feature top-quality tile options and make note of your favorite looks. Bring your ideas to our flooring showroom and we can help bring your design vision to life!

Tile Flooring Showroom | The Floor Store
Tile Flooring Showroom | The Floor Store
Tile Flooring Showroom | The Floor Store
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Tile Care

Now that you have your favorite new tile installed in the home, it’s time to learn about proper care and develop an easy-to-follow routine that will keep your new floors shining. Thankfully, tile is extremely easy to maintain! It starts with preventative steps and regular care that will minimize the wear against the tile surface on a daily basis. Next, know how to spot-clean and treat spills when they occur without warning. A periodic deep cleaning will help your tile floors look their very best. Our flooring experts are ready to help guide your care steps for fabulous long-term results!

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Tile Installation

When you are having new tile floors installed, we always advise learning about the process so that you can be fully prepared and help produce the best results! Whether it’s understanding the actual installation steps or the tools involved, we are your one-stop tile floor store in Albuquerque, NM. Do your new tile floors need grout work, and what does that involve? Will your subfloor need any prep before your tile floors can be installed? We can help you assess all the pre-installation considerations, as well as provide an idea of what to expect during installation and after. Your new floors are just around the corner…

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