Carpet Care & Maintenance

Daily Carpet Care

When it comes to keeping your carpet looking outstanding, there are steps around the household that you can take to help the process. We recommend using quality indoor-outdoor mats at each entranceway to scrape footwear before entering the home. During the months that receive the most rainfall and winter months that produce constant slush, keep shoe racks by the door and encourage guests to remove footwear. Keep all pet nails trim to reduce snagging the carpet and brush your pets to reduce the amount of pet dander that hits the carpet surface.

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Removing Dirt & Debris

Effective dirt and debris removal will be the major key to preserving your stunning carpet. Even tiny pieces of dirt, debris, pet nails, hair, and outdoor elements can become abrasive particles that wear down your carpet surface. When you invest in new carpet, it’s equally important to invest in a high-quality vacuum model that’s best suited for your carpet type. Daily vacuuming, or vacuuming as frequently as you can, is the best way to remove dirt and debris and reduce wear. Proper vacuuming over the life of your carpet, combined with a quality carpet pad installed with your new carpet, will restore and preserve your carpet appearance for years.

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Treating Spills on Carpet

When spills hit your carpet surface, you will want to treat them as soon as possible to prevent stains from forming and stop liquid absorption into the carpet. Start by removing any solid material with a spoon, starting from the outside of the spill and working in. Use warm water to blot the liquid stain with paper towels or a dry white towel. If warm water does not remove the stain, use a gentle carpet-specific approved cleaner to spot treat any stain. We also recommend periodic professional cleanings, either once or twice annually depending on your household activity level, to deep clean your carpet.