Beyond Aesthetics: A Guide to Pet-Friendly Flooring

We understand the love our customers have for their pets nowadays. They bring immeasurable joy to our homes, but every owner also knows the challenges of maintaining a clean and stylish living space. Striking the perfect balance between aesthetics and practicality becomes crucial when choosing flooring for a home that has pets. Here are some key considerations and top flooring options from our Floor Store experts that seamlessly blend style with pet-friendliness, ensuring your home remains a comfortable haven for you and your furry companions.

Things to Consider

When considering pet-friendly flooring, it’s essential to focus on three key things: durability, scratch resistance, and comfort for your fur babies. Being durable is a must, as pets will undoubtedly put your flooring to the test. A pet-friendly floor should resist scratches, ensuring it remains pristine even if your pet has sharp claws. Finally, considering the comfort of your pets is crucial. A floor that provides a soft and warm surface for your furry friends (especially small ones) enhances their overall well-being.

Top Pet-friendly Flooring Options 

Vinyl – As our top recommendation, luxury vinyl floors offer authentic visuals and resilient comfort. Vinyl planks are an excellent option for a home with pets! Combining the natural look of wood or stone with impressive durability, it is waterproof and resistant to scratches and stains, making it easy to clean up unexpected accidents. It’s also quieter than laminate!



Tile – Tile is scratch-resistant, easy to clean, and has various designs. Additionally, tiles stay cool, providing a comfortable surface for pets, especially during warmer seasons. However, using rugs or mats in certain areas can add extra coziness for your pets.




Laminate – Laminate flooring offers the beauty of hardwood without the vulnerability to scratches. It is an affordable and low-maintenance option that imitates the look of hardwood and is highly durable, making it ideal for pet owners. We recommend you test the sound quality between laminate and vinyl flooring to simulate your pet’s nails. Visit our showroom at 7330 Second Street in Albuquerque; we’ll put pieces of both products side by side,      then use your fingernails to mimic your pet’s footsteps. You may be surprised at the difference!



Additional Tips 

While understanding the key considerations and exploring top flooring options, there are practical tips to help pet owners make the right purchase. Tailoring your flooring choices to the size and breed of your pet is crucial. Larger and more active pets may require sturdier flooring options, while smaller pets might allow for a broader range of choices. If you choose a type of flooring not mentioned above, opt for darker colors and textured surfaces, as they can help camouflage scratches. Regardless of type, regular maintenance, including sweeping and cleaning, is essential to preserve the lifespan and appearance of your chosen flooring.

Creating a pet-friendly home involves thoughtful decisions, especially choosing the right flooring. You can make informed choices that enhance functionality and style by considering factors such as durability, scratch resistance, and pet comfort. Explore the top pet-friendly flooring options like luxury vinyl, tile, and laminate, each offering a unique blend of aesthetics and practicality. As you embark on your journey to find the perfect flooring for your pet-friendly home, we invite you to visit our Floor Store showroom. Discover a range of stylish and practical pet-friendly flooring options you can bring home today! We also have a number of in-stock flooring options, ready to be delivered to your home in the Albuquerque-Rio Rancho region.