What is included with a flooring project by The Floor Store, and how does that compare to flooring install costs with a Big Box store?

  • Free Estimate. We will personalize an estimate using your home’s measurements at no charge. Many stores charge a service fee just to make the trip to your home for measurement. We do this as a free service because our customers deserve it.
  • Free Tear-Out. Tearing out old carpet is gross, dirty work. We’ll do that for you.
  • Free Carpet Disposal. We’ll handle the disposal and dump fees for your old carpeting.
  • Free Furniture Moving. You focus on design, we’ll do the heavy lifting! Allow us to move your furniture for you.
  • Free Tack strip. Tack strip is included with your carpeting. You won’t receive trivial charges for tack strip.

When our pricing is compared to a Big Box store, a typical 1,350 square foot installation is anywhere from 15% to 30% savings in flooring install costs!