When you’re looking at carpet, tile or hardwood flooring for your home or office, price is usually the most important factor. And that is based on how many square feet you’ll need. You can get a pretty good idea from the room’s dimensions but for an accurate cost, you really need professional, on-site measurements.

Unlike the big box stores, The Floor Store never charges for an estimate. We want you to know exactly what it will cost for your flooring, and that can depend on the tear-out that’s needed, disposal of the old flooring, and the removal and replacement of furniture. Big box stores usually add a separate fee for each of those, as well as the tack strips and carpet pad, and also mileage to your home or office.

At The Floor Store, we not only give you a free estimate, we never add on for the tear-out or disposal of your carpet when you’re replacing it. If you’re installing carpet, our free estimate will also include the cost of the tack strips and carpet pad. If you’re installing wood or tile where you’ve had carpet, we do have a small fee to remove the old tack strips.

Almost always, we also move your furniture at no added cost; only if there are massively heavy items or the entire room is loaded with furniture would we need extra manpower and then add a small furniture moving fee.

No surprises, no added fees on the final invoice—that’s our promise. And because we don’t “nickle and dime you to death”, our estimates are usually 15 to 30 percent less than a big box store!

And with our 12 months same as cash financing, you can spread the payments out. The Floor Store at The Carpet Company is located on Second Street, about a mile south of Paseo del Norte. We’ve been serving customers since 1955. It’s our customer service that sets us apart, and part of that is our free estimate for your residential or commercial flooring project.