Wood flooring has become very popular in New Mexico homes. From cork flooring to traditional wood flooring options, these long-lasting floors make a beautiful choice. Our hardwood floors can be hand-scraped for more texture or have a higher gloss.  During your free on-site floor measurement, a consultant from The Floor Store at The Carpet Company will help you determine the amount of hardwood needed to cover your floor and decide on the best direction you want the wood floors to run.

When choosing wood flooring, there are three main factors to consider:

Color: the variety of colors is very broad. Lighter stains are more often thought of as a contemporary look, and darkly stained wood floors give a more traditional or formal feel – but the choice is up to you!

Character: Wood naturally has a distinctive grain to it, dependent on the species of wood. Larger patterns will feel more primitive or rustic while wood without much grain looks more modern. The width of the planks also determines the character of your wood floor since wider planks will have fewer seams and more grain patterns.

Construction: Engineered wood floors have a wood “topcoat” over a plywood base. Based on your home’s construction, location or climate, we may recommend one type of hardwood floor versus another for a longer lifespan or durability. Most New Mexico homes install engineered wood floors that are suited to go over concrete slab foundations.

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Measuring and Installation