It is important to know that decorating your home is a long-term project that requires patience and creativity. You’ll inevitably make home decor mistakes, and it’s all part of the fun. However, there are certain mistakes you should avoid. The secrets to decorating effectively lie in avoiding these common mistakes. By learning these tips and tricks of the trade, you’ll be able to pick up on what looks good and what doesn’t before making any major changes to your home or flooring.

  1. Hanging Pictures- never hang your pictures or artwork too high. Pictures should be hung at eye level.
  2. Area Rugs-a common mistake when choosing an area rug is having too small of a rug in the space. A good rule of thumb is to make sure the furniture sits on the rug. If this is not possible the front legs of the furniture should sit on the area rug.
  3. Paint- choose your furniture pieces first when decorating your home, then choose the paint. Never choose paint colors first.
  4. Furniture- when deciding on the layout of your room, try to avoid placing furniture up against the wall.
  5. Lighting- to create an ambiance in the room do not rely heavily on just overhead lighting. Accent lights and floor lamps can create more intimate lighting for your room.
  6. Clutter- storage bins and ottomans can be extremely helpful when dealing with clutter and kids’ toys.
  7. Houseplants- adding houseplants to your space can liven up the space and create a fresh vibrant look.
  8. Pillows- pillows are comfortable and soothing, but too many throw pillows can be a nuisance.


Home decorating is a fun, creative challenge that anyone can enjoy when they use their skills effectively. By avoiding these home decor mistakes, you’ll be able to create a space in your home that you’re proud of, making it easy for you and your family to thrive.

If you have decided to upgrade your flooring design in your home, come on down to our local showroom at The Floor Store. Our experienced staff can guide you through the process and various samples in-house.