Few things brighten up a home like a clean carpet. The opposite is true when your carpets are dirty, worn, or neglected. Here at the Floor Store, our experienced staff is asked about cleaning and the best time carpeting should be replaced. Let’s take a look at what gets in your carpets, how they are best maintained, and when to consider replacing your carpet.

Dirt and Germs

Over time, dirt, germs, and all sorts of crud and waste build-up. If you have a pet it can be even worse. Everything they track in and any accidents they have will contribute to the mess. Left unmaintained, the air quality inside your house may be affected if the pet urine stays in carpet pads.

Maintaining Your Carpet

A good, powerful vacuum will go a long way to making your carpets look great but regular deep cleaning is what will pull up the ground-in dirt and eliminate the germs. How often you should have your carpets cleaned, either professionally, or with your own steam cleaner, depends on the amount of traffic in your house. Most flooring experts recommend an absolute minimum of once every 12 months and every six months for heavily used carpets.

When to Replace

The Floor Store has experts in flooring and has access to a large inventory of carpet. We offer the best customer service and can assist you in installing or replacing your carpet. Call or visit our local showroom and speak with one of our experienced staff today.