Did you know that extreme humidity can affect the performance of hardwood flooring? The recommended humidity for wood floors is forty to sixty percent. In New Mexico, the average relative humidity is forty-four percent.

While the average relative humidity in New Mexico falls within the recommended humidity levels for hardwood flooring, this is only an average for the year. Since forty-four percent is on the low end of this average, there could likely be days, weeks or even months when the humidity falls far below safe humidity levels for wood flooring. Therefore, humidity is an important factor when deciding on the type of flooring to install in your home.

The Floor Store desires customers to be informed of the many aspects involved in choosing a flooring that best satisfies the customer’s taste, as well as an understanding of the many factors that could impact their decision.

Not many consumers know exactly what they want their floors to look like or even the material that they may find the most appealing. This is where The Floor Store can be one of the greatest services to our customers. The team at The Floor Store will help with the necessary knowledge to not only choose a gorgeous floor to your taste but also choose a floor that’s best suited for the customer’s lifestyle and ease or difficulty of care.

For instance, a family with a dog may want to choose engineered wood flooring that can withstand a dog’s claws. Certain kinds of wood and other materials used for flooring are more prone to marring and would promptly be scuffed and or scratched by a pet. Also, when choosing a material, it is to be considered if the flooring is in a high traffic area or an area that is frequently exposed to water or constant sunlight during the day, such as near the front entrance.

We here at The Floor Store strive to meet our customer’s needs and install flooring that will not only improve the appearance of your home but will also perform the best for your individual needs, retaining its beauty for years to come. Please contact The Floor Store to ensure the flooring choice you make will be one you can stand on!