Just like the variable in the cost of hardwood flooring, the installation of these beautiful wood floors can vary. Based on your home, we’re happy to give you a no-obligation estimate on installing hardwood flooring.

In New Mexico, most hardwood floors, whether they’re engineered wood or laminate flooring, are either installed as a floating floor or a glued down floor. Since most homes here are built on concrete slabs, most cannot be nailed down.

A floating floor is installed on top of an underlayment, and the installation runs about $2.75/sqft and up, depending on the floor surface and any preparation or repair that’s needed. Floating floors may be a bit more forgiving in our dry climate, and in how much floor preparation is needed. However, they may create a hollower sound when they are walked on.

A glued down hardwood floor will probably cost a bit more per square foot to install. A good quality adhesive is very important; this is not an area to skimp on hardwood installation cost. Glued down floors are less likely to have a hollow sound when they’re walked on, a factor important to some homeowners.

Because the installation of hardwood flooring is different from home to home, The Floor Store provides a free, in-home measurement. This will give you an accurate cost for the hardwood flooring, whether you choose hardwood flooring or laminate flooring, as well as the installation of the wood flooring. Please call or stop by The Floor Store on Second Street, about one mile south of Paseo del Norte, to see hardwood flooring options and schedule an estimate.