Laminate flooring offers so many options, giving you the look of authentic wood or ceramic tile. Today, the surface of laminates can replicate the distressed or textured options in real hardwood floors. Laminate flooring is earth-friendly, it uses fewer resources and much less lumber to manufacture.

Homeowners with kids or pets love laminate floors because they’re so easy to keep clean and don’t stain the way carpeting can.  We even stock several options available for next day installation.

Laminates are often more cost-effective than traditional hardwood floors and stand up very well to our New Mexico climate. Several layers of material are fused together to create laminate flooring, starting with a melamine layer for a barrier to moisture and to provide structural stability. A core-board is the thickest layer and is made of compressed wood, followed by another melamine layer that provides the floor’s appearance. This layer can be designed to look like hard wood, tile or stone. The top layer is the protective coating that is designed to stand up to wear, fading or stains.

While laminate flooring is manufactured by gluing layers together, some are available with a formaldehyde rating of E1 or E0. Your consultant at The Floor Store at The Carpet Company can help you find specific laminate options if allergens are a concern.

The durability of laminates will give you up to a 25-year warranty on your flooring. At The Floor Store at The Carpet Company, our installers are experienced in laying laminate floors. They’ll make sure the subfloor is dry and suitably level before installation. Installation is quite fast so your furniture will be back in place soon and you’ll be enjoying your new laminate floors.

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