At The Floor Store at The Carpet Company, we make measuring and installation easy! We’ll professionally measure your home or office for new flooring to make sure there’s enough material for the job but without a large overage. Our experienced sales staff can quickly and efficiently measure your room or home for the new install, so we can provide an estimate within 48 hours. 

We account for furniture moving in our flooring cost estimate to you. Usually, there is no added charge to move furniture, unless there are particularly heavy items or a very large amount of furniture or belongings. We’ll measure and install your new flooring efficiently, and at minimal cost!

Our installers have many years of experience in laying measuring and installation. They’ll make sure the surface is suited for the flooring installation, then nail or glue tack strips in place. Installers will remove all baseboards prior to installation and reinstall at completion. The pad or cushion is then laid into place, usually with glue, before the carpet is stretched. Our installers have industry standards and company practices to follow regarding the installation of your new carpet, hardwoodlaminatestone, or another flooring.

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