At The Floor Store, we’ve heard our fair share of assumptions about materials, especially laminate! However, those critiques are not always warranted. Join us as we bust these laminate flooring myths and provide some of the advantages of this type of material!

Myth 1: It’s Dated and Unattractive

Modern laminate is much more attractive than the flooring of the past. It comes in a variety of styles and can even look like wood or stone, without the higher price tag!

Myth 2: It Cannot Be Repaired

Some also believe that laminate cannot be repaired. This flooring often consists of interlocking pieces or glue down individual pieces. Because these pieces now come in individual planks you can replace as needed. Should one piece become damaged and need to be replaced, you can do so while leaving the rest of the floor intact.

Myth 3: It’s Hard to Clean

Regular sweeping and mopping can keep your floor in excellent condition. A Swiffer will also do the trick! Steaming mops should not be used on laminate flooring that is glued down because the heat can cause the adhesive to loosen.

Myth 4: It Makes A Noise When You Walk on It

Older flooring often makes creaking noises when walked on. These noises are not common and are much less noticeable with new laminate.

As you can see, there are many pros to installing laminate flooring in your home. Stop by our local showroom to check out some laminate options. The experts at The Floor Store are always here to help and debunk any laminate flooring myths!