Today, luxury vinyl flooring or resilient sheet flooring offers a high-end look similar to hardwood or tile, but at a much lower cost.  At the Floor Store we even carry a few options in vinyl flooring available for next day installation.

There are four main types of luxury vinyl flooring: vinyl; vinyl planks which look like wood; cork which is a very comfortable floor to walk on and a very earth-friendly product; and linoleum, also popular as a “green” choice since it is made from linseed oil and wood fiber.

Luxury Vinyl or resilient floors today perform extremely well and cost less, providing a great alternative for many homeowners, rental properties or professional remodelers. These floors hold up well under heavy traffic, they’re virtually scratch-resistant, and they don’t need to be waxed – the top coat stays shiny. They’re moisture-resistant as well, nearly stain-free and easy to keep looking clean and new.

Some types of resilient flooring can be glued directly to your floor, offering seamless appearance in the room. Other types, such as luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and vinyl planks can be glued or can float on the floor.

Vinyl and resilient flooring is quite earth-friendly as well. Our products are made of virgin vinyl which does not release harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and we use adhesives that don’t let off a lot of fumes. In fact, some floors use no adhesives but float on the top.

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