When it comes to keeping dirt and grime out of your home and off your floors, few things will help as much as removing shoes in your home before you can bring these pollutants in.

It is nearly impossible to come in from outside without bringing in some of the dirt and grass that is found on your sidewalks and in your yard. Additionally, grass and dust can bring in allergens or bacteria that will keep you from feeling your best. Along with leaves, you can track in bird droppings, dog poop, and unwanted bacteria like E. coli.  Researchers in Houston also found that about 40% of the shoes they examined were carrying the “C.diff” bacteria when brought into the home. “C.diff” is extremely contagious and hard to treat.

If you have little ones in your home, the no-shoes policy is much safer for crawling babies and curious toddlers who tend to put everything in their mouth any chance they get.

Aside from safety, there can be costly repairs from wearing shoes in your home. The dirt can grind into your carpets and cause wear and tear that can lead to earlier replacement or continuous deep cleaning. If you have hardwood flooring, small pebbles in the tread of your shoes can scuff up your floors and lead to a need for extensive repairs. The best option is removing shoes in your home as soon as you walk in the door and use house slippers.

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