Birds are singing, the sun is shining, and spring is in the air. Winter is over, and your floors have suffered through months of mud and grime. Now is the perfect time to give your flooring the deep cleaning they deserve.

If you have carpet in any room in your home, begin by vacuuming carpets and spot-treating any stains you may find. If vacuuming and spot cleaning doesn’t clean to your liking, you should rent a professional carpet cleaner or hire a company to clean your floors.

If your home has luxury vinyl flooring or laminate, sweep them thoroughly and then mop with a mild cleanser or soap and water. It is important to make sure any cleaning products you use are acceptable for vinyl flooring, so the glue and product aren’t damaged.  The manufacturer of your floor may have recommended a special cleaner for laminate. Follow these instructions and use a damp, not wet, mop. Waterproof laminate can handle getting damp but be more cautious with other types. If your planks are beginning to show wear and tear in high-traffic areas, it may be time to replace them.

Tile is a similar cleaning process to vinyl, but you can use stronger cleaning products on the tile that won’t affect the integrity of your flooring. During your tile spring cleaning, it is probably a good time to clean your grout as well! Read our previous blog here for the best grout cleaning process.

Finally, Hardwood should be swept and then gently mopped. Use a cleaner specifically designed for hardwood but be careful not to oversaturate the floor.

If you notice that no amount of elbow grease will make your flooring look its best any longer, contact The Floor Store. Come and visit our local showroom, where you will be assisted by helpful and experienced staff. Our store has a large carpet, laminate, tile, hardwood, and resilient flooring inventory.