It’s odd to think that evidence of the use of carpeting can be dated back to the BC era. At The Floor Store, we enjoy learning about the origins of our products. Below is a little history of carpet.

One of the earliest carpets found in history dates back to 400 BC and was found in the mountains of Siberia. This example was preserved by the cold and was intended as a gift for a Scythian prince in the afterlife. Antique flooring of various materials has also been found in Afghanistan, Armenia, China, India, Turkey, and Pakistan. These were typically made of wool and hair weaved together and used to stay warm or sleep on. Other materials seen to be used for these antique carpets are goat wool, cotton, or silk.

In the United States, the history of carpet begins with textile production in 1971 under William Sprague in Philadelphia. He was one of the first major producers of woven rugs and pioneered this textile boom of the 18th century. Modern flooring is made from synthetic materials and is easier to clean due to stain-repellent technology. These are also available in natural bindings such as leather, bamboo, or grass for those with sensitivities to certain materials.

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