Keeping your carpets clean can be tough if you have children and/or pets running around the house. But there are ways to keep your flooring clean. Here are some tips on how to keep your carpet clean with pets and kids!

First and foremost, you can treat your new carpet with a carpet protector that acts as a shield against stains and pet accidents. These formulas work well if the carpet is treated on a consistent basis.

When the inevitable spills or accidents happen, it is important to treat the stains immediately. Most stains can be treated with just hot water and soap, but for those deep stains, you should use a carpet stain remover. Maintaining a cleaning schedule will also extend the life of your carpet. It is recommended to vacuum twice a week and if possible, deep clean the carpets once a month.

Doormats and rugs can also help to keep your carpet clean with pets and kids! Encourage guests to wipe their feet when coming into your home or even removing their shoes at the door. Limit children running through the house with food or drinks. Also, getting pets trained and housebroken will reduce the number of accidents in your home.

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