The Desert Southwest is a dry, hot and sandy environment. Lack of humidity and windy conditions can turn a clean floor dirty in a matter of minutes.  With conditions like these it’s best to remember a few tips for maintenance and cleanliness.

What type of maintenance is available for different types of flooring surfaces? How can we keep floors clean over time in the desert southwest? The Floor Store can help you with information and services about maintaining or updating your floors.


Carpet can collect sand and dirt quickly in the desert southwest, which requires more work to maintain and clean. UV rays from the sun can also age carpet, so it’s best to shut the blinds or drapes before you leave for the day, especially with darker carpets. Vacuum often, at least twice a week for heavy use areas. Have your carpets cleaned and protected at least twice a year, more if you have a family or high foot traffic in your home or business.

Vinyl VS. Tile

The similarities between a vinyl tile and ceramic tile are numerous. Ceramic tiles last forever, and this can make it expensive and difficult to replace. Vinyl flooring is extremely easy to install and reinstall with changing trends. Both are durable and will be easier to clean and maintain than carpet. Tile floors are usually in high foot traffic areas in homes such as kitchens and hallways. Since these areas tend to get quickly dirty especially with the desert southwest sands.

Tile Floors

A tile floor is easier to clean and maintain over the long run. Tile floors also stay cool in the summer, another added benefit.  To keep clean, sweep or vacuum your tiles floors regularly, use a mild detergent and clean water. It is recommended to use a rag or chamois-type mop rather than a sponge mop. To clean grout, simply mix a paste of baking soda and water but try a small space first, make sure to follow manufactures recommendation. Apply to the grout and let sit overnight and then scrub with a nylon brush. Don’t use a metal brush, it can scratch the tile.

Vinyl Floors

Vinyl flooring is also durable and is less prone to cracking and breaking, compared to tile. Sweep or vacuum regularly to prevent loose dirt from scratching your floor. Wipe up spills immediately, sugary drinks are harder to clean once they dried, and even water can damage the flooring when it’s left to sit too long. Mop with warm, plain water first before using a cleaner. Use a simple vinegar solution for everyday washing. The acid in vinegar cleans the floor gently without leaving a residue, which is perfect for keeping vinyl floors in good shape.

Wood Floors

The desert southwest has very low humidity most of the year and this dryness requires that wood floors require special maintenance. It’s not enough just to clean wood floors…. You also need to maintain them. Not all wood species enjoy a dry environment. It’s recommended to clean and seal wood floors every 6 to 12 months in the desert southwest. For general cleaning, use a dust mop or vacuum to remove dirt, dust, pet hair and other debris that could scratch the floor. Saturate a rag or sponge mop in your cleaning solution. Wring out thoroughly so the mop is damp, not wet. Mop the floor with the cleaner, then rinse the mop with clean water, wring out excess, and damp mop the floor to remove the cleaner. Wipe up excess water with a clean, dry towel because standing water will damage the floor.

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