Protecting your hardwood flooring is a necessity during your holiday decorating. Protect your flooring before any permanent damage is done with the following recommendations.

Step 1: Prep your floors

Start by thoroughly cleaning your carpet, tile, or wood floor where you plan on placing your Christmas tree. Avoid using a broom on hardwood flooring as it can cause damage. Instead, choose an appropriate vacuum cleaner.

Step 2: Barrier set-up

Major causes of damage are water leakage from your Christmas tree, scratchy pine needles, and scrapping tree stands. Invest in a drain tray or mat for under the tree stand. Cover it with your choice of a tree skirt. Avoid using a towel, blanket, or any adsorbent material that will hold in the excess water allowing it to linger on your floor.

Step 3: The tree

Lay down protection along the path that you will carry your tree. Use sheets, being careful not to slip or trip on them. Shake any loose needles from your tree and wrap it with garbage bags, a sheet, or plastic.

Step 4: Maintain

Properly maintain your Christmas tree. Vacuum loose needles often. Keep your tree hydrated to reduce the number of needles that fall off.

For more information about protecting your floor, contact The Floor Store customer service and an experienced staff member will assist you with any questions. Stop in a local showroom and browse the large inventory of essential materials for your floor needs.