You want the flooring in your home to stay durable and look great throughout the year. Choose a type of flooring from The Floor Store that is perfectly tailored to your needs and the climate in which you live. The average outside temperature, as well as the humidity percentage, can have an effect on everything from hardwood to linoleum planks, so you should research all flooring before making a purchase and installation in your home or business.

In these hot New Mexico climates, the best flooring for your climate may not be hardwood and linoleum because it can expand and this can cause cracking, peeling, and unsightly damage. If you are in an area known for its high temperatures and dryness, tile or vinyl is the floor choice for you. However, cold weather can sometimes cause vinyl materials to contract and curl up at the edges. For a colder climate, carpeting installed by experienced staff is the way to go. It can come in any color or thickness and shag that you want. Carpet can last for years if well taken care of, but it can also be harder to clean,

Take advantage of our large inventory of flooring and find the one that fits your style and your climate. It is guaranteed that you can find the ideal style for your home or business by visiting our local showroom right in Albuquerque. In addition to many items to display, The Floor Store has excellent customer service that can educate you on the type of material for your home. The Floor Store will also provide free measurements and samples to your home.